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Why would you want to go anywhere else for your PET/CT Scan? Our PET SCAN / CT SCAN OR PET/CT system provides your Physician with exceptional imaging quality. Our technical team provides world class service and expertise.

GE's PET/CT Scan Advanced Technology is now at the MRI Scan Center. We feature the GE Discovery 610 (128 Slice) PET/CT system


    This is one of the highest quality PET/CT scanners available anywhere! It uses GE Advanced Technology, and provides extremely high resolution and sensitivity, while providing the lowest radiation dose possible.

    This scanner is the same one used at major diagnostic, research and treatment facilities across the United States.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because...

35 Years Experience

We have performed thousands of diagnostic imaging studies in South Florida. Your tests are important and you should go to a center with the highest quality of Technology and Experience.


Our American College of Radiology accreditation means we consistently adhere to the highest standards of imaging Technology and protocols. This means we must perform and consistently maintain the imaging standards established by the American College of Radiology.


Our professional and friendly staff strives to provide each patient with personalized service and attention. We understand that there are other choices. Excellent patient care and satisfaction is our goal.


We use only the highest quality scanners available anywhere! Advanced Technology provide the highest resolution and definition in the industry.

MRI- body scan-technology-medical imaging-body scans-advanced technology-healthy-analysis
MRI- body scan-technology-medical imaging-body scans-advanced technology-healthy-analysis
MRI- body scan-technology-medical imaging-body scans-advanced technology-healthy-analysis
MRI- body scan-technology-medical imaging-body scans-advanced technology-healthy-analysis

Why would someone need a PET Scan?

What type of cancer can a PET Scan detect?

Are all PET Scanners
the same?

Can a PET Scan detect alzheimer's disease or dementia?

PET scan or Positron emission tomography is a diagnostic imaging test that enables physicians or doctors to look for diseases in your body. This scan utilizes a special dye that contains radioactive tracers that are inejcted into a vein in your arm. Tissues and organs are able to absorb the tracer allowing for the exam to be successful. 

A PET/CT scan combines a PET scan (positron emission tomography) with a CT scan (computed tomography) all in one machine. This marvelous exam reveals important information about both the structure and function of tissues and cells in the body, all in one single diagnostic imaging session.


PET/CT scan studies have shown to be very useful in the areas of cancer/oncology (detection of cancer or benign vs. malignant tumors), neurology (diagnosis of seizure disorders), and cardiology (assesment of heart).

1. Our equipment has highly Sensitive crystals and ASiR technology that requires a less radioactive isotope dose for patients.
2. These Crystals have 4X the (count) sensitivity.
3. Wide 70 cm opening (bore) which increases comfort and accommodates larger patients.
4. 40% lower dose radiation exposure and high resolution CT.
5. Ultra-thin slice capability.
6. Extremely fast image acquisition.
7. Our clinical team of Radiologists and Technologists provide many years of diagnostic imaging experience to better serve you and your physician. ​

A PET SCAN or PET/CT scan is used quite often by oncologists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons. However, as this technology has advanced, this exam is now used in many different areas. If your doctor or physician has ordered this test for you, we can assist in providing you the best diagnostic imaging exam and care available.


Generally, a PET scan or PET/CT scan can be performed on an outpatient basis. Specific protocols may vary, but usually a PET scan follows this process:

1. You will be brought into a private room where you will be given a hospital gown and asked to remove all clothing and jewelry as this can interfere with the scan.

2. You will be asked to go to the bathroom and empty your bladder prior to the procedure.

3. One or more (IV) lines will be started in the arm or hand for injection of the radiotracer

4. The radiotracer will be injected into your IV.

5. Once the radiotracer has been absorbed for the appropriate length of time, the scan will commence. The scanner table will then begin to move slowly in order for the body part that is being studied to be properly scanned.


The PET scan itself is painless, but having to lie still for the procedure duration may be uncomfortable so our technicians will use any comfort measures available.


We ask that before you arrive to our center for a PET scan or PET/CT scan, you do not eat or drink (except water), for at least 4 hours prior to your scan. You are free to take your regularly scheduled medications. You should also wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing jewelry.

PET/CT scans are generally exams that are covered by insurance companies when they are needed. To find out if we accept your insurance call us at: (954) 772-8000 or submit an insurance verification request by clicking here: INSURANCE VERIFICATION

Eric K. Cotton, M.D.

Director of Molecular Imaging, specializing in PET/CT Radiology

Eric K. Cotton, M.D. is our Director of Molecular Imaging, specializing in PET/CT Radiology. He is Dual Board Certified in both Nuclear Medicine and Radiology. Having graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and completed his Nuclear Fellowship at Emory University, Dr. Eric Cotton is recognized as one of the leading professional resources in Florida for the specialty of PET/CT Radiology. His extensive experience provides physicians and their patients with guidance and more precise diagnosis of various Oncology, Neurology and other challenging medical cases.

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“Very nice center. Everyone was friendly and professional. They took my insurance and I was able to get a real early appointment so I could get my MRI done and get to work on time. The office was recently renovated and looks like a spa. Everything is very clean and efficient. Really nice waiting room with wifi, tv, cafe latte machine etc. I went for some tests at another place two years ago and after coming here I'll never go back there. Highly recommended if you need a test, really good experience. "


“Very caring and professional staff. Highly recommended. They treat you like a person, not a number . Have had scans there on numerous occasions and it has always been a good experience and I hate having to do these things."


MRI- body scan-technology-medical imaging-body scans-advanced technology-healthy-analysis


“Very nice staff very little wait time. "

We strive to be your preferred MRI scan center in Fort Lauderdale

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