General Questions

Though your physician may recommend a diagnostic imaging center, you have a right to select the facility of your choice. Prescriptions are required from your referring physician.

No, all imaging centers have different technology which provide varying levels of image resolution and acquisition speed. Our GE Discovery PET/CT provides exceptional image quality with significantly less radiation than other machines. Our MRI scanner is the same technology that is used at major diagnostic, research and treatment facilities across the United States. It provides exceptional diagnostic imaging.

Exam times can vary depending upon the type of scan being performed. Please ask our staff for additional time requirements.

Please bring your ID, insurance card, prescriptions, prior imaging studies, reports (if indicated) and any relevant paperwork from your physician. Our staff will also advise you in advance of your financial responsibilities. Please call our offices for additional questions.

Report turnaround varies depending upon the test being performed. Results are faxed to your referring Physician usually within 24-48 hours and can be obtained from your doctor's office. When indicated by your referring physician, test results can be expedited.

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