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World Class Diagnostic Imaging

Robert L. Kagan, M.D.
Medical Director and Founder

Dr. Kagan is a nationally known medical imaging expert and speaker. He has consistently introduced cutting edge medical technology to Florida physicians and their patients for the past 4 decades. He is Board Certified in both Pathology & Nuclear Medicine. In 1984, Dr. Kagan proudly opened the first FDA approved free standing MRI in Florida. In the 1990's, he provided the first outpatient installation of research-grade high field MRI scanners. Now, continuing that tradition, he brings to South Florida the modern generations of advanced MRI, PET, and CT Technology available!

MRI, Dr. Kagan is a nationally known medical imaging expert and speaker.


When you require medical diagnostic imaging you want to select a facility that has extensive experience, professional friendly staff, as well as having Advanced Technology.
For the past 4 decades, we have been serving our community, providing top-quality imaging to Florida physicians and their patients.

Our Principles

Our approach is based on four principles: Experience, Quality, Service and Advanced Equipment/Technology. At our center you get experience you can trust. Whether it’s 3.0 High Field MRI, highly sensitive PET Scans, or low-dose radiation CT scans, we are pleased to provide first class health care imaging services to our community.


We are proud of our imaging center - the quality of our diagnostic imaging is excellent. It is important to know that all imaging scanners are not of the same caliber and quality.



We consistently strive to provide our patients and their doctors with an exceptional level of care and patient satisfaction. Our radiology network provides rapid reporting to our referring physicians. Our Board Certified Team of Radiologists are ready to provide their expertise.

At MRI Scan & Imaging Center, we provide State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Imaging Technology for all of our modalities.


At MRI Scan & Imaging Center, we utilize GE’s advanced equipment & technology for all our modalities. Better imaging leads to a more accurate diagnosis and better patient care.

MRI, Area, Fort Lauderdale facility has been totally renovated from top to bottom.


We are proud to announce that our entire Fort Lauderdale facility has been totally renovated from top to bottom. We feature two large relaxing patient reception & lounge areas, each with widescreen televisions and comfortable seating. We are pleased to provide complimentary individually brewed gourmet hot beverage service, for your enjoyment.

MRI, Accessible, Dressing rooms and restrooms

Wheelchair Accessible

Our A.D.A. Dressing rooms and restrooms are spacious and bright and our facility is wheelchair accessible.

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