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Why would you want to go anywhere else for your CT Scan? Our extremely sensitive equipment can significantly reduce radiation exposure compared to many other scanners. It is extremely fast and produces highly detailed anatomical imaging.

GE's PET/CT Advanced Technology is now at the MRI Scan Center. We feature the 128 slice GE Discovery 610


    This is one of the finest quality PET/CT scanners available! It uses GE Advanced Technology, and provides extremely high resolution, specificity and sensitivity while allowing for a lower radiation dose.

    This scanner is the same one used at major diagnostic, research and treatment facilities across the United States.

We strive to be your preferred MRI, CT, PET/CT Imaging Center in Fort Lauderdale

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because...

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38 Years Experience

We have performed thousands of diagnostic imaging studies in South Florida. Your health care tests are very important to you. Our Center has a history of utilizing advanced diagnostic technology along with providing very high quality exams,

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Our American College of Radiology accreditation means we consistently adhere to the highest standards of imaging technology and protocols. We must consistently maintain the high imaging standards established by the American College of Radiology.

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Our professional and friendly staff strives to provide each patient with personalized service and attention. We understand that there are other choices. Excellent patient care and satisfaction is our goal.

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We utilize GE’s advanced technology and equipment. Our scanners provide extremely high resolution/definition, rapid image acquisition and are optimized for many clinical applications.




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What is a CT Scan?

Why would I need a CT Scan instead of an MRI?

A CAT scan or CT scan is a special test that uses both X-rays and a computer to capture cross-sectional images of the body. Since its discovery in 1974, this exam has become very popular for diagnosing a variety of diseases.

A CT scan can help identify many different problems in the body such as:

  • Bone and muscle disorders

  • Cancer

  • Heart disease

  • Lung nodules

  • Liver masses

  • Internal Injuries

  • Internal bleeding

It can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

During a CT scan, one is briefly exposed to ionizing radiation. The radiation is higher than a standard X-ray because more detailed information is captured from a CT scan. Radiation has been identified to have an increased risk of cancer. However, we use the lowest radiation dose possible and most agree that the benefits outweigh the risk.

The actual exam begins after a patient has lied down on a motorized table, that slides into the section of the machine that performs the imaging. Straps and pillows are oftentimes used to help the person stay in position. While the table is moving, an X-ray tube which surrounds the patient table, rotates and takes images of different parts of the body. The technologist will be observing in a separate room, and they can see and hear the patient. There is full communication during the test. This is a painless exam.


Patients can resume normal activities after a CT scan. In some cases, patients may have been given a contrast material to drink. If that is the case, they should drink lots of fluids to help remove any contrast material from the body.

All CT images are stored as electronic data files, which are reviewed on a computer screen and evaluated by a radiologist. Once they interpret the images and report any findings, this information will be sent to the referring doctor, who would be responsible in getting this information to the patient.

In addition to offering standard diagnostic standard imaging services, we also offer an elective full body scan for preventive medicine, through our sister company, BodyView VIP Preventive Medicine.


An elective full body scan is the single most important decision you can make to save your life and prevent a medical crisis.

Knowledge is power... what you don't know can kill you. At Body View, VIP Preventive Medicine. We provide advanced MRI, PET/CT with GE technology.

Bodyview is one of the only outpatient facilities in Florida with this multi-modality GE Technology

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“Very nice center. Everyone was friendly and professional. They took my insurance and I was able to get a real early appointment so I could get my MRI done and get to work on time. The office was recently renovated and looks like a spa. Everything is very clean and efficient. Really nice waiting room with wifi, tv, cafe latte machine etc. I went for some tests at another place two years ago and after coming here I'll never go back there. Highly recommended if you need a test, really good experience. "


“Very caring and professional staff. Highly recommended. They treat you like a person, not a number . Have had scans there on numerous occasions and it has always been a good experience and I hate having to do these things."


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“Very nice staff very little wait time. "

We strive to be your preferred MRI, CT, PET/CT Imaging Center in Fort Lauderdale

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