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A message from our Medical Director.

Robert L. Kagan, M.D.

MRI Scan & Imaging Center

The Covid-19 virus has impacted the community in which we live and work, and we expect the impact to continue and intensify in the short term. MRI Scan and Imaging Center has been closely monitoring the alerts issued by The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control.

The health and safety of our patients, our employees and our communities remain our priority.

Currently, our office remains open and our dedicated medical team members continue to conduct business as usual. Our scan center is being highly pro-active to minimize exposure to the virus and at the same time continue our provision of exceptional medical diagnostic service to our valued patients.

We have initiated the following pro-active measures to help keep our facility clean and mitigate
the spread of this disease.

  1. We have installed a sophisticated air purification system to condition/filter the air in the attempt to reduce and remove circulating viral particles.
  2. Upon arrival to our Center, patients are requested to immediately use a hand sanitizer and wash their hands.
  3. We will be taking temperatures on arrival.
  4. All patients are screened as to their current general health condition, as well as report any recent contacts with any (known) Coronavirus patients. Those patients that indicate that they may be at-risk, are requested to re-schedule their appointments to a future date.
  5. All counters and surfaces are being regularly wiped down and disinfected.
  6. Our imaging scanners are being cleaned and sanitized between each patient scan, to help reduce viral and germ transmission.
  7. All techs and staff are wearing appropriate PPE.
  8. We request that all patients wear a mask prior to entering the Scan Center. If you do not have a mask, you will be provided with one. We request you wear it while on premises for the safety and consideration of other patients, our staff, and yourself.

We are devoted to protecting your health and ours... please feel free to contact me directly at 954-772-8000 should you have concerns.

Robert L. Kagan, M.D.
Medical Director 


We have performed thousands of diagnostic imaging studies in South Florida. Your tests are important and you should go to a center with the highest quality Technology and Experience.


Our American College of Radiology accreditation means we consistently adhere to the highest standards of imaging Technology and protocols.


We participate with most Insurance Providers, Medicare, Workers' Compensation, and PIP.


We utilize the highest quality, state-of-the-art scanners and Technology available. These provide extremely high resolution and definition, optimized for all clinical applications.

If you need state of the art diagnostic imaging...
We've got you covered.

We have GE's advanced MRI Technology, GE Discovery MR 750 3.0 Tesla High Field MRI. Very few centers in South Florida have this equipment and it is unparalleled in image quality. Learn More

​We utilize GE's CT Advanced Technology, the GE Discovery 610 128 Slice PET/CT system. It produces extremely high resolution and sensitivity, while providing significantly lower radiation dose to the patient. ​ Learn More

The GE Discovery 610 128 slice hybrid PET/CT system is extremely fast and allows for decreased radiation exposure to the patient, making it a smart clinical choice. Learn More

We offer 2D and color sonography through GE’s Advanced Ultrasound Technology, the GE Logiq S7. Our system provides extreme image clarity, color flow and doppler studies.Learn More



What is an


Why would someone
need a PET Scan?

MRI, Why would someone need a PET Scan


What is a
CT Scan?


Spectroscopy at
MRI Scan Center


Founder and Medical Director

Robert L. Kagan, M.D.

Our Medical Director and founder, Robert L. Kagan, M.D., is a nationally known medical imaging expert and speaker. He has consistently introduced cutting edge Medical Technology to Florida physicians and their patients for over 3 decades. He is Board Certified in both Pathology & Nuclear Medicine. In 1984, Dr. Kagan proudly opened the first FDA approved free standing MRI in Florida. Learn More

MRI Scan & Imaging Center has been a true leader in South Florida for performing advanced medical diagnostic imaging. For the past 3 decades, we have been serving our community, providing top-quality imaging to Florida physicians and their patients.

Our approach is based on four principals: Experience, Quality, Service and
State-of-the-Art Advanced Technology. At our center, you get experience you can trust. Whether it's 3.0 High Field MRI, highly sensitive PET scans, low-dose radiation CT scans or advanced Ultrasound imaging , you've found the finest predictive and diagnostic healthcare available.

But what we're most proud of, quite simply, is our Team. Our highly trained and dedicated professional staff strives every day to consistently provide our patients and their doctors with an exceptional level of care and patient satisfaction. Our radiology network operates 24/7 and provides the latest in personalized and report technology services to our referring physicians. When you need advanced medical imaging, MRI Scan & Imaging Center is the place to go!

Why would you want to go anywhere else?

Patients often elect to go to an imaging facility that accepts their insurance. However, all imaging Technology is different. You should select a facility that provides unparalleled experience, a professional and friendly staff, as well as having State-of-the-Art Advanced Technology available... This is MRI Scan & Imaging Center. Request An Appointment


Dear Dr. Kagan:

Today, June 11, I visited the MRI Scan Center at 3122 E. Commercial Blvd.
I am writing to let you know that I had a very positive experience. When my insurance company approved the procedure, I was given a list of centers near my home zip code. I chose your center based on 1) proximity to my home 2) the professionalism of the person who took my call upon first inquiry. My experience exceeded my expectations, and I will certainly be happy to recommend the center to anyone I know who needs such services.
Specifically I would like to commend Shanise, who greeted me with professionalism and courtesy and was clearly efficient at her job...

... (She easily and calmly attended to two other patients who were in the reception area with me. ) Within minutes I was escorted to a second waiting area which was comfortable and notably clean. Again, I did not wait long before I was taken back for my procedure. My technician, Larissa, was professional, efficient, and kind.
The entire facility was spotless, including the two bathrooms I used.
On the whole, the experience was completely positive, and I will not hesitate to return if I ever need another scan or imaging procedure.
Thank you,
E. G.

In addition to offering standard diagnostic standard imaging services, we also offer an elective full body scan for preventive medicine, through our sister company, BodyView VIP Preventive Medicine.


An elective full body scan is the single most important decision you can make to save your life and prevent a medical crisis.

Knowledge is power... what you don't know can kill you. At Body View, VIP Preventive Medicine, we provide  advanced MRI & PET/CT, resolution imaging with the GE 3.0 Tesla MRI.

BodyView is one of the only outpatient facilities in Florida with this MRI Technology.

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Studies We Perform

•      BRAIN
•      ARMS
•      HANDS
•      LEGS
•      FACE
•      NECK
•      THYROID
•     LUNGS
•     SPINE

•       FEET
•       HIPS
•       KNEES
•       LIVER
•       KIDNEYS
•       SPLEEN
•       PANCREAS
•       PROSTATE
•       BREASTS
•       HEART

At MRI Scan & Imaging Center, we are pleased to provide the most complete medical imaging with only the highest quality equipment.


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Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday Only: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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